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©2006 Ronald D Giles

Created in 1997, “Hymns and Their Stories” is a unique presentation of traditionalhymn story - hyns and their stories Hymns and Spirituals, as well as new Hymns from the late 20th and 21rst Century. The program focuses on the stories behind the composer of the music and/or the author of the text and utilizes solo and congregational singing for the purpose of achieving a deeper appreciation of the hymns and music in a church’s hymnal. “Hymns and Their Stories” is a blend of History, Hymnology and Church Music and has been given over 80 times to various churches and organizations since its creation.

Each presentation is tailored to a particular hymnal and/or occasion and draws from over 100 Hymns in the Stories Library that have been researched historically and musically. Generally, the presentations fall into four main categories:

            • Advent
            • Lent
            • Vespers
            • Historic

 The presentations range from 20 minutes (replacing a Sermon) to one hour (the entire service). This Hymns program – in addition to standard services -- has been used by churches in a variety of interesting ways –

        • 225th Anniversary Celebration Hymnfest
        • Lenten Tea
        • Mother/Daughter Banquets
        • Wesleyan Hymns
        • Mother’s Day
        • Harvest Sunday
        • Community Luncheons
        • Noon Concert Series
        • Confirmation Sunday

Thank you for a wonderful evening of sharing your faith and musical talent. I know our members appreciated your presentation. One member came all the way down to my office and asked ' Who's responsible for tonight's program? -- It was terrific!' "

-- Pastor Steve Godsall-Myers, Calvary Lutheran Church,
West Chester, PA.

The program was created by Ron Giles, a Baritone Soloist, utilizing the musical talents of his wife, Joan, a pianist and sensitive accompanist. 

Although Music has been a lifelong avocation of Mr. Giles, his career’s work has been in Television Production, Management and Consulting

In 1986, Ron was recruited by a new company called QVC to create their Television format. television shopping consultingAs part of the original management team, Ron designed and supervised the build of the television studio, hired and trained TV Hosts, producers, and crews, supervised the TV engineering and premiered the new shopping service all in the space of 12 weeks. The format is in essence the same one used by QVC today. Ron continued as a key Executive, functioning as Executive Vice President for QVC for the next 10 years and then moved on with his own consultancy in 1996, specializing in International Start-ups of TV Shopping Services. As such, Ron was instrumental in launching the following shopping services:

QVC UK -- London

CVC Mexico -- Mexico City

QVC Deutschland -- Dusseldorf

Shoptime, Brazil -- Rio de Janeiro

KHS, Korea -- Seoul

TVSN, Australia -- Sydney

In the United States, Mr. Giles has also consulted with Borders.com, Catalogcity.com (now Shop.com), ShopNBC, and the International Shopping Network (China).

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©2006 Ronald D Giles

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